Maitreya's Story
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An excerpt from Unity - The Dawn of Conscious Civilization

Maitreya's Story

Maitreya is a divine messenger. His sense of independent functioning has been replaced with divine animation so that he can be used as a clear channel for messages from God. Source is the author of every word Maitreya writes.

These transmissions herald the time of great change, the transition from darkness to light. This book contains many new ideas for you. You are invited to apply your intelligence to understand how existence is structured and how it functions as a reflection of divine will. Intellectual understanding is no substitute for direct experience, but it does help somewhat in providing a rational framework for your experiential odyssey of self-discovery.

This book is deceptively simple, yet there are layers and layers to understand with your mind, heart and being. It is best read sequentially; the second half of the book rests on the first. A single reading will not reveal all of its secrets. God-the-beyond is giving you this information to share His ways and thus help deepen your trust.

Maitreya's quest for truth began in 1971. On 1 January 1991, after a five-year detour into hedonism, Maitreya got his wake-up call. Interest in the outer world evaporated and the pull inside took over. He was a little surprised to be suddenly total in spiritual growth, especially since it was happening without any ego-based effort or discipline.

He did dynamic meditation every morning and participated in hypnosis trainings and therapy groups for six months. Witnessing started to happen effortlessly and spontaneously. In July 1991 he began intensive meditation with Shambu in Ibiza. Maitreya had never even seen another master in his 16 years with Osho, other than one day spent with J. Krishnamurti in Ojai, yet the silence of Shambu pulled him like a moth to the flame.

Three months of intensive meditation and powerful initiations prepared him for meeting Poonjaji in Lucknow. During the fourth satsang, on 26 October 1991, the first satori happened with the help of Poonjaji's energy and with single-pointed enquiry into the source of mind.

The satori lasted for four months. The main difference between a satori and enlightenment is duration. While a satori lasts, you experience a taste of truth. But the return of the ego was a major disturbance and surprise. The dive from bliss to fear is deep and excruciatingly painful.

The disturbance continued for 20 months, a long dark night of suffering. Yet the fading memory of the satori kept pulling him back to the eternal fire of Now, which slowly but inexorably burned off the shroud of fear.

After a long period of deep meditation, the veil parted again. On 26 October 1993 in Bombay, Maitreya met Ramesh Balsekar and the second satori occurred during an intense verbal exchange about advaita. Again this beautiful taste of freedom faded after three months, but this time no fear or darkness returned.

Now the pull to make freedom permanent consumed Maitreya. He witnessed life with equanimity, knowing well that only the intense fire of silent awareness could help.

Following a further two years of meditation and silent retreat in the Himalayas with Samdarshi and Baba, the ego finally dissolved. On 26 October 1995 in Byron Bay there was a huge jerk in the belly as the psychic knot of the ego separated from him and dissolved in divine light.
Maitreya had been fooled twice by satoris that lasted for months and seemed to be genuine awakening. This time he kept quiet about his experience; he wanted to see if his enlightenment was really permanent.

Meditation continued with expanding consciousness, love and bliss for another twenty months till the third-eye explosion in Dharamsala on 10 June 1997.

With this penultimate opening came an unexpected miracle for an agnostic meditator: direct verbal contact with Source, the first stage of God-realization.

Finally Maitreya was convinced that enlightenment was permanent. The third-eye opening had nearly melted his nervous system with tremendous love, awareness and bliss; the intensity of the ecstasy was almost too much to contain. And the awesome divine consciousness of the void was sharing its cosmic knowledge; his questions were answered and many secret mysteries revealed.

On 23 June 1997 in Delhi there was a more subtle and exquisite miracle as the crown chakra, the thousand-petalled lotus, opened completely. The opening of the seventh chakra brought full enlightenment and revealed the indescribable ecstasy and awareness of non-Being, nirvana, transcendence of the light of the witness and the extinction of all seeds of desire.

The second stage of God-realization came at the same time and Maitreya merged more deeply with Source. His experience of functioning independently was over; he just watched as God managed every aspect of his life.

The third stage of God-realization happened on 6 July 1997 in Hamburg. Now there was no sense of separation from the One and Maitreya merged forever into Source.

This seven-year process of transformation has allowed Maitreya to understand and integrate all the stages gradually. The integration of the last explosions and openings took just sixteen months, a remarkably short time to assimilate such dramatic changes.

Now Maitreya is fulfilling his destiny as a messenger of Source. He has lost all sense of independent volition and functions only as an instrument of God.

This book is authored by Source. Maitreya transcribes the messages and he is guided in editing and refining the text. He is continually amazed at the quality of the spiritual information that comes through him. It is a profound message of individual and global transformation.

Beloveds, your awakening is not in your hands. When your destined time of freedom arrives, God will manage everything for you, as He did for Maitreya and everyone else who has found liberation. This book can help to prepare you for that ultimate date with destiny.

The ecstatic fire of Now awaits you. Get ready to leave your attachment to the dreams and illusions of the mind and merge with the One in conscious Beingness. Only in this divine dissolution of the dreaming mind is it possible to transcend suffering and know who you really are - the silent and blissful consciousness of Now.

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