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Satsang Meditation Retreat
Golden Bay New Zealand

15 March - 4 April
16 April - 31 May
2 satsangs a day with Maitreya

MMC Wakamarina has closed and is relocating in Golden Bay.

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Maitreya Meditation Centre New Zealand
satsang meditation retreat

MMC offers daily meditations in a beautiful natural setting with a private river and delicious vegan wholefood.

For bookings and more information please contact Susan

Maitreya satsang in Europe

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Maitreya ishwara is a visionary author and spiritual teacher who has shared thousands of Satsangs around the world since 1998.

Maitreya has created a vibrant meditation community in New Zealand near the idyllic Marlborough Sounds; a magical place where you can discover the love and bliss that you really are; a place where the journey is the goal, and where your fellow travellers share your passion for love, truth and freedom.

Maitreya Meditation Centre enjoys a beautiful setting with pine and native forest, private swimming and twenty acres of verdant land in the tranquil Wakamarina Valley.

We offer the rare opportunity to dissolve in the heart of Beingness in a friendly and transformative atmosphere.

Beginners and seasoned seekers are equally welcome, and everyone can enjoy the nondual teaching and conscious, loving energy that is shared. The morning satsangs are in silence. In the evening satsang everyone is invited to ask Maitreya questions or to share experiences.

We offer a flexible program of varied meditations and activities to complement the morning and evening Satsangs, including Individual healing sessions and Reiki initiations.

Everyone is asked to join in community work for at least an hour a day. You can also enjoy swimming, reading, walking, sharing with fellow travellers, or exploring the idyllic Marlborough Sounds. And those wishing to experience a silent meditation retreat are fully supported.

In this atmosphere of enlightened energy, personal breakthroughs are common. Many guests extend their stay and live at the centre for several months. We invite you to visit us as a drop-in guest or as a long-stay resident, and look forward to sharing the journey home with you in Maitreya Meditation Centre.

To find out more, please call +64 3 574 2864
Fax +64 3 574 2865
(Please check the time difference before calling or faxing)

or send an email to

Maitreya Meditation Centre
The Garden of the Beloved

A mystery school for rapid spiritual growth

760-788 Wakamarina Rd
Havelock Marlborough 7178 NZ 


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"As I consciously surrender to life as it unfolds, I am aware of the gratitude I have towards Maitreya. He has come to me as a gift from God." - Sangit, Professor of Psychology, Canada

"Thank you for your Love and enabling a truly liberating experience" - Suzanne, Nelson NZ

"A beautiful and peaceful place where life changes things happen. Thank you " - Christine Parsons, UK

"I came here with an open mind and am leaving with a fuller heart. Thank you for such an amazing place and it's infinite possibilities. " - Kate Foley, US

"A lovely remote area, makes it possible for a quiet time out for reflection! I feel it's very well laid out, I've learned a lot about cooking and that it's not "impossible" to be a vegan." -James Mc Donald, Ireland

"In gratitude for the very good time over here. I found something I was looking for since a long time, feel much more peace with myself. A place to come back to whenever possible." - Michael, Germany

"It feels like home here. A nice place to come back to! "- Raewyn, NZ

"I feel so much love and sincerity from everyone here." - Kashi, Byron Bay

Frequently Asked Questions
Travel Information


The contribution for organic vegan wholefood and twin-share accommodation at Maitreya Meditation Centre is NZ$60 a day, plus one hour of communal work.

Each additional hour of community work reduces this amount by $10.
We can also arrange local fruit-picking work for those who need an income while staying at the centre.

Please see below for single and other accommodation options and rates.

Donations are always welcome and help us to maintain our low rates and support seekers in their quest for truth, love and freedom.

MMC offers a variety of comfortable accommodation options. The amounts below include all meals and accommodation. Please add $25 for every satsang with Maitreya, or $20 each for 20+ satsangs if paid in advance. People under 26 pay 50% of satsang costs.

Euro 1.00 = NZ$2.40 (exchange rates February 2009)
For today's exchange rates please click here.

Accommodation type

Daily Contribution

Weekly with 5% discount

28-day with 10% discount

Own tent/van NZ$50 *NZ$332.5 *NZ$1260
Twin-share NZ$60 *NZ$399 *NZ$1512
Private space NZ$90 *NZ$598.5 *NZ$2268
Private space - Double NZ$120 *NZ$798 *NZ$3024

* If paid in advance, weekly 5% and 4-week 10% discounts apply.
12-week prepayment discount is 15%. 24-week prepayment discount is 20%.
A 10% deposit is required to secure your space.
All prepayments are non-refundable or transferrable; they are credited for future use if your plans change.

Please enquire about our one-day pass.

Frequently Asked Questions page has further accommodation information.

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