Maitreya Ishwara Satsang
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Satsang Meditation Retreat

Satsang means being in truth. The door to truth is hidden just behind your mind.

In silent love and awareness the veil parts and your divine beauty is revealed. As you grow in love and consciousness, your soul merges with the One that is all there ever is. Awareness and love flying in the eternally blissful sky of the Beloved.


Satsang with Maitreya is a transformative blend of love, meditation and intense cosmic energy.
Questions are answered with wisdom, clarity and humour.

Maitreya opens the divine door to freedom.

Updated 5th June 2012


All are welcome here.

Satsang is an ancient method of spiritual awakening. It has a proven history of success for thousands of years. Satsang means being together in truth. Enlightened teachers are channels for the higher truth of love, bliss and consciousness. When you meditate with enlightened teachers you merge with their love, bliss and consciousness. You are uplifted, energised and transformed much more quickly than by any other method.

Maitreya is a modern satsang teacher with an effective teaching that works for everyone. His energy helps you to be free from suffering, to realize your full potential and to live in love, bliss and consciousness. Maitreya supports your rapid spiritual awakening.


"Since 1998 I have been sharing satsang (being in truth) with thousands of seekers around the world. We meet for silent meditation, to talk, laugh and to enter the sacred space together. Helping friends to grow in consciousness and love is my greatest satisfaction. I love you more than you can know." Maitreya

I look forward to sharing cosmic love and light with you soon.


Satsang Meditation Retreat
Golden Bay New Zealand

16 April - 30 June
2 satsangs every day with Maitreya at 10.00 and 19.30

Golden Bay

Golden Bay is a natural wonderland of beaches, mountains and vibrant native forests. The climate is sunny and warm and the ambience is relaxed and welcoming. The ongoing daily satsangs with Maitreya provide a rare opportunity to awaken in paradise.

Golden Bay Information
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Costs and Information

For bookings and more information please  email.

I look forward to sharing cosmic love and light with you soon.


"I love your wonderful presence, conscious and straight as an arrow, sweet as honey. Merging in divine love, diving in endless freedom." - Maria, Germany

"I want to thank you so much for this unbelievable and undescrible retreat in Ibiza. Thank you for meeting us on this deep level of consciousness - pure love and grace and peace. The mind is still here but much weaker and the time will come when it will kneel down facing God in the heart of all beingness. Thank you so much for the bliss and grace of your presence." - Erwin, Austria

"Something deep inside me relaxed this weekend. I feel years younger and much more open. I can't wait to come back." - Ben, Nelson

"In satsang with Maitreya the energy washes through me and I'm humbled by the greatness of such grace." - Kip Mazuy,

"Maitreya is so completely understanding and accepting, he has this quality of always knowing the right thing to say. I'm overwhelmed by the number of insights I've had. I feel grounded, centred and more open, honest and loving to myself and others. Amazing." - Priya, UK

"I feel so much love and sincerity from everyone here." - Kashi, Byron Bay

"I want to thank you, Maitreya, for giving me my inner freedom back." - Marieke, Holland

"I felt a big release in the first meditation with Maitreya; a lot of tension and anxiety has fallen away." - Ashley, Havelock

"It is the transformative power that Maitreya brings to the silent part of his satsangs that distinguishes him."
- Anand Parmartha, Editor,

"In just one week of satsangs with Maitreya I've had a huge shift. Meditation is effortless now, and full of peace and silence." - Sangit, Canada

"Sitting with Maitreya is extraordinarily intense. I've always felt very relaxed and empty afterwards." - Sam, author of Life of Osho

Maitreya is a living buddha
His energy helps you to be free

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Welcome to

an excerpt from

Unity - The Dawn of Conscious Civilization

The Ecstatic Fire of Now

The essential purpose of all religious discourse is to provoke a thirst for freedom. Rarely does spiritual growth happen just by reading books or listening to teachers; it requires immersion in the fire of Now.

The fire of Now is dangerous for those who are attached to toys and illusions. These include your desires, your need for attention, success or approval, and whatever pulls you outward away from your centre.

 You are programed by Source to desire and to achieve. You are addicted to dreams of the future and memories of the past. The primary illusion is identification with your mind as 'me'.

Immersion in the fire of Now burns away your obsession with these illusions of the mind. The fire of Now is fueled by the eternal energy of Source. It is cosmic awareness and unconditional love. The fire of Now reveals your true identity: transcendental consciousness.

Consciousness is the alpha and the omega; it is the means to purify your soul of attachment to illusions and, ultimately, it is what you really are. The fire of Now burns the primary attachment to your ego-self. All secondary attachments disappear when the root is cut.

You are attached to you: me, myself and I. My life, my feeling, my guru. I like, I don't like. I want, I don't want. Every time you use the words 'me' or 'my' or 'I', enquire: To whom is this 'I' referring? If it is your body and its real needs, this is necessary even for enlightened ones.

Mostly, if you observe closely, you will find that it is your ego, the false centre that has been programed to create your sense of separation by trying to get the best for you.

Ego is needed only when you don't trust that Source always gives you what you really need. Trust arises from deeply understanding the set-up. One of the primary purposes of this book is to provide a rational basis for trust.

Trust is supported by understanding that your life is a gift from God and is always perfect for the complex needs of your soul's epic odyssey of evolution. You can see part of the picture. Source sees all: your past, present and future at the same time. He knows what He's doing. Let Him manage the big picture; you focus on transformation through immersion in the conscious energy of Now.

You will still take care of the basic practicalities of life. God needs your hands to tie your camel, but there is no value or utility in worrying about your future and old age. Every event in your life and all existence was ordained by Source before the universe existed.

Now it is time to live this understanding. This challenge brings you to the fire of Now. Surrender your ego to the fire of Now at your centre. Let your pain, your fear, your resistance burn in awareness and unconditional love. Let the gaps of silent awareness grow deeper and deeper.

Call off the search for anything that pulls you away from the primacy of Now, including enlightenment in the future.

Face yourself as you are. Meet each divine moment with awareness, equanimity and acceptance. Open to the ecstatic fire of Now. Let it burn your toys and illusions.

Be free.



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