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Maitreya left his body on 14 July 2012

Satsang with Maitreya in Europe and NZ

Maitreya Ishwara

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2012 edition Unity

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Unity - The Dawn of Conscious Civilization
by Maitreya Ishwara

The book of the millennium for the buddhas of the new dawn

A life-changing 600-page hardback that heralds the ultimate paradigm shift: the transition from the conflict and confusion of the age of darkness, to the unity, peace and love of the age of light.

"Maitreya has written a profound and powerful manual for enlightenment that shares a message of exceptional insight and clarity. The book is stunningly beautiful and superbly organized; a compelling read. Unity has answered my long-standing questions about religion, morality and spirituality. Who would have thought that simply reading a book could bring such profound peace and silence to my life and meditation."
Professor Paul Koziey PhD

Unity synthesizes advaita, meditation and the essence of all spiritual paths into an experientially based guide for rapid personal transformation.

Unity integrates the contradictory doctrines of fatalism and self-determinism into a truly holistic approach to spiritual growth.

Unity reveals an intimate glimpse into the mystery of the cosmic mind of God, or Source.

Unity is a direct message from divine consciousness to prepare us for the positive changes that are about to dramatically reshape our world. 

"Unity makes you think for yourself. Read this book; it is essential reading for any seeker of truth."
Sam, author of Life of Osho

"Maitreya speaks with the voice of one who has found the sacred. Clear and intellectually compelling. A heroic spiritual unfolding."
Dr Kriben Pillay, Editor, Noumenon Journal

"As soon as I read Maitreya's book, Unity - The Dawn of Conscious Civilization, I knew I had to go and sit in satsang with him. Never in my life have I resonated so strongly with a spiritual book. During my first satsang with Maitreya my mind stopped, my heart started beating more quickly and I disappeared into a blissful light."
Bhavani Roussel, New Zealand


"Reading Unity has touched me like no other book."
Carl Hospach, Virginia, USA

An excerpt from Unity - The Dawn of Conscious Civilization

The end of confusion, division and conflict comes with the beginning of Unity. Unity is scheduled for the dawn of the third millennium. Soon all spiritual teachers will be channels for God's vision of Unity.

Unity dissolves religious conflict and division. Unity means the end of my group is better than yours; it means the end of us and them. Unity brings the understanding that there is only us.

The means to create division amongst religions was to give each founder a different understanding and to make him believe his way was best. The result is our present religious diversity, with each religion convinced that it is right and that the others are misguided.

All religions of the Kali Yuga were limited. The message in these books is not just one more limited perspective in the already crowded arena of religion. It is God's vision for the new dawn of consciousness - a transformative, nondual religion of Unity.

People do not change beliefs easily. This message will take a long time to take root unless there is apparent divine intervention. In fact a dramatic shift is central to the message.

Yet apart from future predictions and cosmic knowledge, anyone with an open mind can verify the authenticity of the spiritual information shared here. Empirical self-enquiry, meditation and applied intelligence are needed for this verification.

This sets Unity apart from the majority of religions and beliefs, which rely on foundations that cannot withstand rational investigation. This message cannot be disproved by logic or awakened experience; in fact it rests on both.

Beloved friends, take the challenge and become a seeker of truth. Verify the hypothesis: God is the one and only power and I am part of That. But there is no need to believe this until you know from direct experience. Unverified belief prevents authentic enquiry.

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Index FAQVisionEBooksPrintBooksSatSangNewDawnEnlightenment is originally biography of buddha an Indian phenomenon. For maitreya meditation centre thousands of retreat centre years the meditation retreat new zealand flame of awareness has been passed from master to god's vision disciple. This relationship is one of the deepest commitment. The disciple meditation centre understands that the ishwara master is his only hope for freedom from ego. The master spiritual holiday knows from his own experience the tricks and traps for the retreat centre ego to get stuck in. God, the beyond is not the god of any new zealand retreat religion. God, the beyond is Source, the eternal maitreya meditation centre void. Uncreated, unlimited, intelligent awareness. The spiritual vacation void has no form and contains the potentiality for all meditation retreat new zealand creations in all space/time. The universe is the most recent expression of Source. One day it will return to the void. After a period of rest meditation retreat new zealand another universe spiritual holiday is born. This cycle continues for eternity. The universe is meditation centre already pre-programmed to the minutest detail of all future events by Source. The universe is matter, the void is anti-matter. Deep down the universe is also god's vision anti-matter. The biography of buddha universe rests on and is permeated by the void. The intelligent awareness of the ishwara void is called consciousness-at-rest. Meditators often feel they are responsible for their spiritual holiday growth and are unnecessarily retreat centre burdened new zealand retreat with ego effort. Osho, Buddha and most meditation centre enlightened meditators are agnostic, Osho settles for godliness. Thus, maitreya meditation centre they conclude a fully enlightened Buddha is the highest in existence. Only through their awareness is consciousness aware of itself. Hence the vital biography of buddha need for surrender to a master, he is the god's vision ultimate authority in spiritual vacation existence. Either new zealand retreat existence is aware of itself and that awareness is God. Or existence is only aware in fully enlightened humans and they are the highest consciousness in the Whole. I can tell you from my own direct experience that God exists as transcendental spiritual vacation awareness of existence and non-existence. And the logic of advaita totally agrees with my direct experience.

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