Order Securely with a Credit Card

Order Securely with a Credit Card


Exchange Rates at July 2005

Payment is in UK £ Sterling

To calculate the exact amount in your currency please use the Currency Exchange Calculator
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Orders of 10 or more books receive a 35% discount

Distributors and retailers contact [email protected]


Cheque Orders - Airmail included

USA cheque orders - Send a US cheque to:

Maitreya Ishwara
PO Box 318
Mill Valley CA 94942

North America about 7 days


Delivery - Europe about 4 days, NZ about 3 days, rest of the world 5-10 days

Other Payment Methods

Email Method

Please send an email with the following information to [email protected]

Information required:

No of Books
Card Type (Visa or Master Card)
Name and initials on card
Billing Address
Delivery Address, if different
Card Expiry Date
Name of the bank that has issued the card

For security please send a separate email to [email protected] with:

Name and initials on card
Card Number

Contact Us

Please email us with any feedback.  

Send comments on the books or videotape to [email protected] 

Feedback, queries or questions about orders or using this Web site to [email protected]

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